Artisan bronzeworker



Specializing in bronze furniture and decoration since 1860, the RENNOTTE RIOT workshop shapes bronze in all its applications while remaining true to its traditional craftsmanship. With a collection of more than 8000 pieces of bronze furniture, our workshop welcomes individuals as well as professionals in interior decoration and design to study their restoration and creation projects together.



Experts in both restoring and creating works of art, furniture, lighting and bronze furnishings, our craftsmen are also skilled in the surface treatment (gilding, varnish, burnished, patina, etc.), engraving and carving of different materials (brass, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, silver, etc.) to offer you a wide range of possibilities. With an antique cold-drawing machine, RENNOTTE RIOT has become one of the last workshops able to produce more than 300 types of woods mouldings, cornices and decorative guards.