Exceptional shotguns and express rifles



A legendary gunsmith, the DARNE house produces exceptional and completely bespoke and artisan juxtaposed and superposed shotguns and express rifles. With rare expertise that very few craftsmen can still claim, our gunsmiths manufacture unique weapons in accordance with the specifications and needs of our customers. Located in Saint-Etienne, the capital of French gunsmithery, our workshop will work with you on creating your dream weapon.



DARNE shotguns and express rifles are distinguished by their unique mechanism : the key-operated sliding breech. Combined with fixed juxtaposed guns that provide elegance, balance, reliability and ballistic efficiency, this system makes DARNE a high-class hunting weapon. Our gunsmiths also produce Damon Petrik shotguns and express rifles with superposed barrels. All our weapons can be produced in a large range of calibres and are engraved by the best artisan engravers who make each piece a true work of art.