Master glass-makers



The SIMON MARQ workshop is one of the jewels of French craftsmanship. Master glass-makers since 1640, this company has lived through twelve generations to become a French leader in the restoration and creation of religious or secular stained glass. With an exceptional heritage behind it (collaborations with Marc Chagall, George Braque and Serge Poliakoff among others), the workshop, guided by the FORT ROYAL group, now dedicates its expertise to interior architecture and the decoration and creation of furniture including stained glass and glass work.



With phenomenal skills in glass working techniques (etching and sandblasting, enamel and grisaille painting, thermoforming, fusing, etc.) and a collection of more than 1200 glass tones, our workshop is able to offer a wide range of possibilities in glass production. Thanks to the expertise of our craftsmen, the development of new processes and a collaboration with talented decorators and designers, the limits imposed by stained glass have been pushed back and it has become an important part of contemporary design.